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Breeding beneficial insects Entomological based nanotechnology
М. С. Мороз, В. І. Максин

Остання редакція: 2017-05-01

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Terms cultivating beneficial insects do not always meet their biological needs [Moroz, 2009, 2010, 2013]. At least, environmental pesymum leads to the greatest weakening of the body and reduces the yield genetically determined [Moroz, 2011,2012, 2014]. Experimentally proved that the technological background of stress while performing production programs adverse reaction of the body accompanied by physiological changes that are in stages of ontogeny create conditions for the emergence of epizootic situation [Moroz, 2014, 2015, 2016]. In this regard, it is important at different stages of ontogeny optimize basic life functions beneficial insects.

Subject of research – laboratory and industrial culture of beneficial insects, biogenic chemical elements, environmentally safe plant protection system.

Object of research – biological and ecological features of useful insect hemolymph fenoloksydaz activity of beneficial insects in artificial systems Entomological technology, motivation and optimization of laboratory and industrial cultivation of beneficial insects from correcting the individual immunity, optimizing the life cycle of beneficial insects.

For the first time a study of contemporary aspects of the use of new complexes of iodine-containing compounds with nano aqua citrates of natural biologically active substances in technical entomology performed.

Experimentally proved that the addition of nano aqua citrates to biologically active substances of natural origin enhances the biological effect of the latter on the body of beneficial insects.

Researched feed additives stimulate innate immunity beneficial insects. Condition improves hemolymph – increasing the relative amount macronucleocytes decreases the number of dead and abnormal cells. Experimentally one found the high antiseptic properties and biologically stimulating complexes of iodine-containing compounds with nano aqua citrates and natural products. One found that nano aqua citrate germanium positive effect on the A- and E-vitamins exchanges. This allows you to optimize the positive effect of Ge and increase growth and reproductive characteristics beneficial organisms.

Researched feed additives stimulate innate immunity beneficial insects, improve the state of their hemolymph. The active ingredients in functional form biologically active complex compounds are specific ultra microelements high biochemical and physiological activity.

For the first time one shown that the transition to entomophages processed food preparations positive effect on energy balance in their body. When using nano aqua citrates as biogenic chemical elements and mineral dietary nano correction one created models for predicting physiological condition of beneficial insects.

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