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Tatar buckwheat in the conditions of the Western Forest-Steppe
L. A. Vilchynska, O. P. Horodyska, T. M. Khomenko

Остання редакція: 2020-09-10

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Purpose. To evaluate buckwheat of the Tatar variety‘Kalyna’ according to morphological, productiveand quality indicators in the conditions of theWestern Forest-Steppe.

Methodology The studieswere carried out in the field crop rotation of theResearch Center “Podillia” of the State Agrarianand Engineering University in Podilia (PDATU)in 2015–2019. The soil of the experimental field isoverwhelmingly represented by low-humus, weaklysilt-black earth. Bookmarks of experiments, materialevaluation, analysis of plants, yield and grainquality were carried out in accordance with the generallyaccepted methods of state variety testing. Anassessment of the buckwheat variety of the Tatar‘Kalyna’ was carried out in comparison with the ediblevariety of buckwheat ‘Victoriia’.

Results. Thegrowing season duration of buckwheat of the Tatarvariety ‘Kalyna’ is 87 days (38 days vegetative and49 days generative). In the studied variety, a largernumber of the 1st order branches up to 5.5 pcs was observed. The number of leaves on the plant was22–28 pcs./plants. The analysis of the population ofthe variety under study indicates that 50% of thegrains and more are located on the branches of thefirst order in edible buckwheat, this indicator isonly 30%. Productivity is 2.28 t/ha, high graftingof inflorescences of 4.4 grains, edible buckwheat0.72 t/ha, and 2.2 grains/inflorescence, respectively.The reaction of buckwheat of the Tatar variety‘Kalyna’ to the effect of biotic and abiotic factorshas been determined. The Ukrainian Institute forthe Examination of Plant Varieties of Ukraine presentsindicators of Tatar buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum(L.) Gaerth.) varieties of ‘Kalyna’ of graindirection for use to obtain a patent for the variety.

Conclusions. According to morphological, productiveand quality indicators, resistance to biotic andabiotic factors, the buckwheat variety of the Tatarbuckwheat ‘Kalyna’ is predominantly edible ‘Victoriia’buckwheat in the conditions of the WesternForest-Steppe. To use the variety ‘Kalyna’ in breedingprograms of the Scientific Research Institute ofCereal Crops named after A. Alekseeva PDATU andto obtain a patent.

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growing season duration; morphological indicators; productivity and quality indicators

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