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Phytopathological evaluation of local pear varieties in Azerbaijan
N. S. Babayeva, H. M. Shiklinski

Остання редакція: 2019-07-17

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The diversit y of natural and climatic conditions of Azerbaijan, soil andvegetation has generated a rich biodiversity and developed historically arich plant gene pool.

The pear plant takes the second place after apple among the fruits. It iscultivated in more than 80 countries around the world. Because of high quality and nutritious fruit s it is grown from ancient times. Because of their highnutritional and therapeutic value, as well as their valuable biological characteristicsand economically pro itabilit y pear and products received from itare considered to be one of the main areas of the national economy.

Pear i s widely c ult ivated i n most regions of our republ ic. It i s high productive crop. In ordinary gardens productivity of pearis 130–140 centners per hectare and 300–450 centners in intensive gardens. Depending on t heir maturity, pear varieties are divided into three places: summer, f all and winter.

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